Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you see something wrong with this picture? I started to mount my rear axle and leaf springs yesterday. I put the springs on the axle and then when I tried to mount to the frame, the springs were too wide for the frame. I was puzzled for a bit then I realized it: The lower spring bracket/mount which is welded to the axle tube was in the wrong place! It needed to be welded directly below the upper bracket, which is in the correct position. Here's another photo without the spring attached:

At first I thought that someone back in '43 was just in too big of a hurry and installed it incorrectly, but upon closer inspection, I can see traces of the original weld in the correct position. So, at some point, someone moved it for some unknown reason. Yet another unexpected problem to goes restoration! Here is a comparison with the front axle with the brackets in the correct location:

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