Thursday, December 20, 2012

Registration Numbers

Using some paint stripper I was able to uncover the jeep's original military registration number: 20254065.
Also on the hood near the cowl was a letter "S" for "suppressed" meaning the jeep was equipped to prevent it from giving off white noise and disrupting radio communications. I first discovered the letter "S" which gave a strong indication the registration number was most likely still there! This made me a bit nervous because I wanted to be sure not to mess it up and leave the number illegible. All worked out well and the number is easily read. The only number I'm not 100% on is the 6, but I'm still pretty sure that's what it is. I find it interesting that the second number "2" is in a more block-type of font and not like the first number 2. I think the paint came off unevenly because someone had done some sanding in this area prior to me using the stripper on it. Here is a picture of the number:

And here is the "S" on the far right:

1 comment:

  1. I think you are right- 6!

    And you are lucky, too...I've never had a hood that I could get all of the numbers uncovered. Great job!