Monday, January 21, 2013

Let the rebuilding begin

After today's work, I'm considering the tear-down of the jeep complete (save a few minor parts)! From here on out it will be cleaning up, rebuilding, painting and putting the jeep back together.

I had to get the engine off the frame as it was pretty much the only thing left to remove. I thought I needed an engine hoist, and would have to find one or rent one. But, the more I looked at the jeep, I decided I didn't need one. I made a small wooden frame to fit the underside of the engine and put it on a dolly, and slid it under the engine. I then jacked up the frame and removed the front axle and springs and steering column. I lowered the jack and the engine rested on the dolly. I had to then remove the rear wheels to get the frame low enough to remove the center crossmember, and once I did that, I simply lifted the frame up and slid the engine out on the dolly! Here is the engine on the dolly:

And here is the frame (which has the civilian axle still partially attached). Leaves me wondering, "where did my jeep go?!"

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  1. Looks good. I'm doing a 67 CJ5