Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ford Transfer Case?

Haven't posted in nearly a week...nothing that interesting to post as I am just doing some clean-up of a few parts here and there, including the rest of the bolts for my other 3 combat wheels.

Weeks ago I had seen the gray paint on the transfer case and the thought crossed my mind that it could possibly be a Ford transfer case but I didn't investigate (for those of you not up on WWII jeep painting, Ford painted their engines gray while Willys painted theirs green). Today while leisurely scrubbing around with the wire brush, I uncovered some "F" marked bolts (for Ford) on the transfer case. So maybe it is a Ford? For the experts out there, where (and how) did Ford mark these, and where should I look for additional markings? There is a number (looks like C18-1) to the right of the F-marked cover bolt which is at the 3-o'clock position in the photo:

Other than that, I found a great powerplant mechanic, so my engine troubles are solved!

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  1. Hey Lance...looking is your mini-mechanic! My Ford transfer case has a massive F and GPW stamped in the area just to the right of your F marked 3 o'clock bolt and just above the 3/4" intermediate shaft (in the picture above). It looks like something is there underneath the dirt. Be careful, F's get addicting!