Friday, February 1, 2013

Rear axle work

Started work on the rear axle! For now its mostly just cleanup and getting all the old black, thick grease out. It was finally nice enough to do some work outside with the sun shining and temperatures in the mid 40's. Upon opening up the rear differential, I discovered that there is one shattered tooth among the "spider gears" which has resulted in some damage on the teeth on the other gears that it touches as it turns. Luckily I have a spare axle with good gears that I will replace it with. Here is a close up shot. Shattered tooth is on the right with the sun glare on it.

I pulled the ring gear and spider gear assembly out as it will be replaced and so I could better clean out the housing. Here is another shot of the gear assembly. Do you think that perhaps it was made by Ford? If you need some help, look at the bolt heads... :)

Here are another couple pictures of the housing and the gear assembly:

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