Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Front Axle Housing

The front axle housing is now ready to be reassembled and painted! I just finished the clean-up today, but some of the other parts still need some cleaning before re-assembly. It was a lot of work and difficult to clean with the wire wheel because of all the angles. Thankfully I only have to do this one more time to the rear axle, and it is a little easier to clean. Here it is all shiny (but a little dusty still)!


  1. Need to clean it more. This axle housing will be look great after painting it. I hope that you will post it here once it finished.
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    1. Yea, it still needed a bit when I took the picture. After the picture I coated it with some chemical stripper and rust converter to get the last bit of crud off and to get down in the cracks and crevices where the wire wheel can't get to. Will post pics when it is fully reassembled and primed!

  2. It is wonderful that you went ahead to coat the axle. This makes the cleaning more perfect and impressive. I also think that the painting process should begin after such a job well done. TeraFlex