Friday, March 8, 2013

Frame is done!

All repairs to the frame are complete, and I just picked it up today from being sandblasted and primed. It looks great and now I am excited to start bolting stuff back on! Below are some photos of the frame. The red color is the wooden bumper reinforcement that I took out before blasting and priming. The frame went in an oven to cure the primer (oven + wood = burning). I primed it later using red primer from a spray can.

Here's a "before" picture just to compare:


  1. Lance, what product did you use to coat your chassis? I'm about to do mine, as I'm almost done blasting it.

    1. I had a nearby outdoor railing/metalwork shop do it for me (they did the sandblasting also). It is powder-coated with a primer (gray). For everything else I did myself, I just used a red oxide primer.