Saturday, February 23, 2013

The clean up continues...

I thought I would post today just for the sake of posting, since I haven't posted in about 2 weeks. Most of the work lately still involves cleaning up old grease and removing rust and other crud...not terribly glamorous (which is why I haven't posted a lot lately). Most of my work is focused on the axles. I've been pulling the extraneous parts off (for cleaning and inspection) and getting the axles ready for a real mechanic to verify the gears inside are good to go. Here's the front axle in the midst of clean-up:

This is the pile of hubs, brake drums and backing plates that I have removed in anticipation of installing a disc-brake system on the jeep...more to come on that later (hopefully).

Here is the clutch pedal that I cleaned up. It was covered with what appeared to be tar with fine gravel stuck to it. It seems funny to me how a piece of steel can be worn down by the sole of a shoe.

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