Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disc Brakes Completed, Other Work

I finished installing the disc brakes about a week or so ago, but didn't post anything about them. Had some custom hoses made, filled the system up with brake fluid and they seem to work well (at least rolling the chassis down the driveway). Final word will come later. Here is the front wheel set-up:

And the rear wheel:

Other than that, I am just wanting to get my transmission back from being rebuilt. Once I get that, I plan to bolt it back on the engine along with the transfer case, paint and then install. Once they are installed, I can put the tub on! Can't wait for that! Until that time, I'm cleaning up and repainting other small parts so they are ready to go once the engine is in place. Here is the oil-bath air cleaner that I cleaned and repainted recently:

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