Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Sandblasting

When I had my frame sandblasted and primed, the guy at the shop offered to blast small parts for free. He could do this easily as he mainly blasts hand railings and he just puts the parts in the bottom of a trough that the railings lay on when blasting and they get hit and cleaned up with the overspray. I took him up on his offer and just got back a box of parts today. Much less work for me! Here they are:

Just realized I had a picture on my phone of the parts before sandblasting:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Frame is done!

All repairs to the frame are complete, and I just picked it up today from being sandblasted and primed. It looks great and now I am excited to start bolting stuff back on! Below are some photos of the frame. The red color is the wooden bumper reinforcement that I took out before blasting and priming. The frame went in an oven to cure the primer (oven + wood = burning). I primed it later using red primer from a spray can.

Here's a "before" picture just to compare: