Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rear Axle Ready

The rear axle is FINALLY ready! These things sure take a lot of attention and work. I've done all that my ability allows and have the axle ready to take to a local shop. I'm taking it there just to have it checked over internally to make sure all the gears inside are good to go. Here it is freshly primed:

If you are familiar with jeeps, you probably noticed the drums are missing from the hubs. That is because I elected to make one update to the jeep in order to make it much safer to drive, and that is to install disc brakes. I have an engineer friend who is putting together the conversion and has put the same conversion on his jeep. A bracket will be bolted to the end of the axle tube (where the backing plate that holds the brake shoes is normally bolted on) which will hold the brake caliper, and then the rotor simply slides on over the hub before the wheel is put back on.

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