Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Steering Rebuild

Before I get into the steering, here's the progress on the brake and clutch controls. It's coming together nicely with the steering gearbox loosely bolted on just to see how it fits.

This is what the outside of the steering gearbox looked like after pulling it off the jeep, in all it's greasy nastiness:

Inside, it was full of grease, even though oil is the recommended lubricant. The good part about that is that there was absolutely no rust whatsoever and most parts were in good usable condition. One thing I noticed was that whoever installed the bushings for the sector/steering shaft (at top of top photo with nut on the end) installed them incorrectly. They put them in so the oil/grease could flow out to the seal (instead of stopping before the seal) which is probably one reason the gearbox is so greasy. That and the original seal (made of leather) was basically non-existent. Which is probably why there was grease in the gearbox - oil would just drain right out.

I've completely disassembled all the steering and have it all cleaned up and some items rebuilt. Drag link and bell crank are rebuilt (bottom of photo, left and right, respectively). Once I get the new horn button wire soldered back in place, I can reassemble and the steering should be ready to go!

Steering wheel is also cleaned up, painted and ready to go:

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