Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Drive Away From Home!

Took the jeep out on an excursion today! I got enough of the bugs worked out to where I felt confident enough to venture more than a few blocks away from home. 

One bug I dealt with was a temperature issue - it seemed the jeep wanted to run at right around 200 degrees, which I wasn't comfortable with (current outside temperatures here easily reach 95-100 degrees F). I installed a new thermostat rated for 160 degrees and it instantly brought the running temperature down to 175-180 degrees. Much better! The floor was getting hot! 

Anyway, with that solved, I met up with my friend Lile in his Ford GPW (also a WWII jeep) and we headed up the canyon. Here are a few pictures and a short video I took on the way:

Jeeps at the turn-around point (mine in front).
Photo-op in the forest.

Here's a short video shot from my phone while driving with Lile following behind in his GPW:

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