Friday, July 5, 2013

It runs!!

The 4th of July now marks an important date for my jeep restoration - the day that I took it on its first drive! Dad was here again and we put in 3 solid days of at least 12 hours each day working on the jeep. It took us a while to get the engine going as it would only fire up temporarily by pouring gas directly down the carburetor. Finally, after a new fuel pump and after bypassing the fuel strainer, the engine easily took off on its own and ran beautifully. Here's a shot of the engine and the temporary fuel line/filter arrangement:

With the engine running, my eagerness to drive the jeep was suddenly derailed when we had a mishap with the clutch fork and I spent nearly 3 hours trying to get it back in place. When I finally got it, I took the jeep on its first spin around the block at about 12:30 AM (with no headlights!) 

Here is the jeep as it looks today - looking pretty complete but with small details still to go on. Will post video of the engine running and of driving the jeep soon!

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