Monday, July 29, 2013


After all the work that has been done, I'm considering the restoration process completed and the jeep is DONE!! There are still a few small things that need to be dealt with (does it ever end?) but for the most part, all the components are there and all the painting is finished, so I am declaring this restoration done!

Yes, I did the restoration myself, but there are many people who helped out and I seriously couldn't have done this (and wouldn't have done this) without them! I know this is sappy, but I really feel like there are a few people I need (and want) to thank (in no particular order):
  • Ray M. - my friend and jeep guru for his infinite jeep knowledge who coached me through this (and was sometimes my therapist) and helped me find the best solutions for my jeep.
  • Roger C. - the man who can fix and restore anything for his unparalleled knowledge and experience (that's seriously not an exaggeration) of how WWII military vehicles work. When I couldn't fix something, he could do it while blindfolded, underwater, and with one hand tied behind his back!
  • My Dad - He was often more excited about this project than I was. There are many things that I simply couldn't have done and/or would have taken 4 times longer without his help. Our jeep building marathon got the jeep going on the 4th of July!
  • My Wife - for agreeing to keep this former piece-of-junk in the garage and putting up with my long hours spent working in the garage. Also, now that it's done, thanks to her for loving to go on a jeep ride together!
  • Many others: My Mom, Paul D., Keith R., Terry H., Gary L., the rest of my family (and my wife's), friends, neighbors - all who helped in one way or another, even just by being interested, that made this project do-able.
OK, now that that's over here are the photos! I took the jeep up the canyon for a photo shoot and here they are:

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